We collect the main recipes of Asiatic cuisine (Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Indian…), a thousand-year-old diet full of flavors and considered the most varied, complete, and ancient cuisine in the world. The diversity of sauces, aromas, textures, and ingredients makes it unique and unmistakable. We sauté everything in a wok, which is a famous and historic Asiatic pan. The reduced use of fats, along with a high vegetable content, turns meals into a healthy, low-calorie, highly vitamin enriched diet for every day.100% Healthy, 100% Natural,       100% Unique, 100% Assia in Wok 

Now we just want you to enjoy the amazing world of Asiatic cuisine. 

Assia In Wok: Healthy, quick, modern, trendy, exotic, flavorsome and at an irresistible price. These are just a few of the ingredients used to create this immense project, a concept which responds to the new habits and trends of the consumer. Assia In Wok is not just an oriental restaurant – it’s much more. Our decor fuses a “new-age” feel with fresh, modern Asian connotations. You can relax, unwind and enjoy your meal with our dining area or take them home, or to the office for a different meal experience.

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In the Orient, woks have always been used as an essential cooking utensil, and their popularity has now spreas across to the west. They are generally used for sateing; that is, as a means of quick and simple cooking. The wok is adherent to the hectic style of everyday life, as most dishes are prepared very quickly. What’s more, it offers a magnificient opportunity to experiment with a wide range of exotic ingredients which can be found anywhere. Cooking with a wok is essentially very healthy, since the ingredients are fried for a very short amount of time and so conserve most of their nutrients. It is also considered healthy because it requires only a small amount of oil, uses no milk products and the fat is removed from red meats before cooking.


There was a time when diners had two choices: get your food fast and cheap and sacrifice food quality for quick service, or sit down and wait for your expensive food to be prepared. It was the classic impossible triangle: what’s quick and cheap wasn’t good, what was cheap and good wasn’t quick, and what was good and quick wasn’t cheap. At Assia in wok, we are so meticulous about the quality of our products that all customers get high quality food and quick service with the most value for their money. There are no secrets in our cuisine; our open kitchens give customers a first-hand view of the entire process of creation of our famous dishes. 



India is home to more than a billion people, spread over 3,300,000 square kilometres of the most varied expanse of terrains, from the Himalayan mountain range to the coast of Tuticorin of the shouthernmost tip of the country. It also has around 7,000 km of coastline. This is a country with hundreds of dialects, a thousand religions and two thousand different deities. It may also be the only country in the world capable of combining a million aromas into a cuisine which unites luxury, simiplicity and splendour; a blend with a considerable capacity for elegance and enticement. Hindu gastronomy is as well-known for its aromatic quality as it is for the weight of the multitude of religious which coexist in the country; Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Jews and Jainists generate a dynamic which creates a close relation between spirituality and food.


In Thailand, practically every bite of this delectable cuisine opens the door to a fascinating and unforgettable experience, a unique moment which must be lived with intensity. Created from a gathering of cultures deriving from India and China, Thai food shows hints of certain western dishes, yet its roots remain fimrly based on the culinary principles of a town paying homage of nature – this country’s culture has become an explosion of aromas, colours and tastes. And the whirlpool effect of its cuisine transforms the table into a sea of sensations, making every single bite a moment to savour; intensified by fiery chili peppers enriched with mouth-watering lirne leaves, exotic galangal and ginger, or the arousing array of tastes from tropical fruits. 


Thousands of years old, full of mystery and magic… the cuisine of this great Asian giant can be described with a myriad of adjectives depicting its legendary character, aesthetic beauty and notable refinement. There was a time when Chinese cuisine was considered to offer the elite culinary satisfaction, its dishes ranging from shark fins, hundred-year eggs and swallows nests through to highly particular products such as bear palms, frog stomachs or lips of carp, all believed to contain miraculous properties.

The origins of the cuisine prepared in China today combined the genuine needs of the people with philosophical principles, dietary concerns, alleged medicinal properties and strict royal rituals, in the constant search for culinary perfection, the adherence to traditions or to the products of the land.